I strive to create neat and meaningful designs for digital and analog media. 


I'm a graphic designer specialising in art direction and user experience design. In my work I do design research, sketch wireframes and build easy prototypes. I give my special attention and love to grids, structure, white space, typography and colors, in order to build beautiful, useful and simple designs.

A wise man once said “We have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen more than we say.” Zeno of Citium is just one of many big men and women who talked about the importance of listening.

Therefore, besides using the laptop, notebooks, pencils and other tools... My staring point is first and foremost to listen and ask questions to understand and define what problem really needs to be solved.

I grew up in Ljubljana, a vibrant young capital which is known as a city of culture, a science hub, and a hometown of creative rebels. After finishing my studies in graphic design it was time for me to move... and Paris seemed to be a perfect place to continue my interests in interaction design and technology. Between learning french and finishing my thesis on interactive architecture at ENSCI, three terrific years passed by at the speed of light, and my next stop was Switzerland, where I now live and work as an art director.

I'm a member of core-teams at CreativeMornings Geneva and UXRomandie - monthly events that share creative and technical knowledge, and connect like-minded individuals. Within UXRomandie I was also involved in organizing UX Lausanne, the biggest conference on user experience in Switzerland. Last but not least, I co-organize the local chapter of Behance Portfolio Reviews in Geneva. 

And when I'm not working-working you can find me at 17slash, a design union & research lab, the place I co-founded with Jérémie Fontana to tinker with typography, lettering, interactive & connected devices and brewing coffee. You could also bump at me on Geneva Airport, running along the lake Leman or on one of the swiss mountain tops.